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Ambetter is the #1 brand on the Health Insurance Marketplace (created by the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare). But new players are regularly entering the space and stealing share by bottoming out prices. 

So in early 2021, when the Biden administration re-opened enrollment for a special period, we needed to get an impactful message out into the market quickly. Not just to promote Ambetter’s affordable plans and valuable benefits, but to create urgency and emotional resonance among a hard-to-reach target audience: highly skeptical consumers who, on average, had chosen to go uninsured for years. 

We kicked off the campaign in mid-January, were in production by mid-February, and in market with both English and Spanish-language creative by mid-March. We obliterated our first goal of 100k enrollments, reaching it barely halfway through the initial period. Then, when the period was extended three months, we surpassed our stretch goal of 500k, with over a month left to go. What’s more, we significantly increased Ambetter’s share of market across the 20+ states it serves.

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